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Who We Are & Our Services

Dalmatian Dog

Why Collect Semen From Your Dog?

  • To assess fertility in your stud dog so that an important breeding season in a bitch is not missed.

  • If semen is of poor quality then transcervical insemination [TCI] can enhance the ability of this semen to produce puppies.

Our Services

  • Semen collection, assessment, and freezing.

  • Worldwide shipping of chilled or frozen semen.

  • Frozen semen storage.

  • Artificial insemination [AI] through the cervix [transcervical ] with frozen, chilled or fresh semen.

  • Advice on the best time to ai or mate by progesterone interpretation.

Semen can be collected, assessed and sent chilled throughout the UK and Europe and parts of the USA.

Frozen semen can be sent worldwide.


Frozen semen provides an insurance bank of genetics against illness and accidents and can be stored for decades. This also allows you to 'go back in time' and use the semen of a deceased dog to strengthen the genetic pool of a breed. Freeze and store semen from your stud dog and you can use it anytime in the future when you have the right girl for  the genetics of this semen .

Sperm Collection, Imports & Exports

The Collection Process
Semen is best collected from a male when there is an 'in season' bitch present. It is a painless procedure. Semen is assessed and then frozen if requested. Semen has to chill down over 4 hours before it is frozen. We freeze in pellets - then thaw one pellet to assess how well the semen has coped with the rigours of freezing and thawing. I calculate the number of insemination doses collected from your dog and email the results to you.


Exporting Semen
If you are exporting chilled or frozen semen overseas then please contact me for information regarding the protocols or tests required for the semen destination. Since brexit, veterinary health certification and blood sampling has increased for semen entry to European Union countries. 
To get an accurate quote for shipping costs please get the clinic zip code for the semen delivery.


Importing Semen
Please contact me for any help with importing semen. You will require an import licence from the Animal Health department but this is usually easily organised.

RS14 - GENERAL LICENCE TO IMPORT DOG OR CAT SEMEN FROM DONORS THAT ARE COMPLIANT with the conditions in regulation (EC) No 576/2013 or Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 

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Semen Collection, Export and Import

Artificial Insemination

Why Artificially Inseminate Your Bitch?

AI enables you to use genetics from a wide gene pool to promote healthy puppies. AI with frozen semen allows worldwide choices of genetics without the hassles of worldwide travel for any animals or owners!

Some bitches find natural mating psychologically distressing. AI is extremely well tolerated and accepted by bitches. Semen of lesser quality stands a much better chance of fertilising if put directly into the uterus.

Older stud dogs may be physically unable to naturally mate and tie or a younger dog may have an injury which would prevent effective mating. We can collect semen from these studs and AI with that semen straight away.

Frozen semen allows 'line breeding ' for the positive characteristics you wish to keep but allows you to distance the line breeding so minimising the risk of negative health issues.


What Does AI Involve ?
We use Transcervical Artificial Insemination [TCI] in which a sterile plastic catheter is passed through the cervix into the uterus. Semen is deposited directly into the uterus maximising the chances of the eggs being fertilised and this is achieved without the need for general anaesthesia or surgery.

Surgical AI is illegal in the uk.
TCI is extremely well tolerated by bitches.
For TCI to have the best possible chance of success the timing of AI is critical and varies depending on whether you are using fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Blood samples for progesterone levels are needed from day 5 of the bitches season to plan the best time for TCI. Blood samples can be taken at your local vet's or at ABC in Dunbar. 


Artificial Insemination

If you are wishing to AI your bitch then please contact us as early as possible so we can ensure that we can achieve your aims

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